Passion for Fashion in Hasselt’s Museum

Hasselt has one of the several fashion museums in Belgium. Although it is not quite known and is not as big as its big brother, located in Antwerp, this fashion museums offers a lot to see to its visitors, who will definitely not be disappointed by its beautiful collection and the intriguing stories that are told by its professional tour guides.

This museum has an incredible range of fashion clothes, from the beginning of the 19th century until todays most rare and extravagant models, which are exclusively chosen for this museum. Furthermore, Hasselts fashion museum carefully picks its clothes taking into account the trademarks that are popular on the fashion festival, which takes place every year.

Something interesting about this museum is that it has items such as bags that are fake. This is merely symbolic and it is a way to declare how people are concerned about their image, purchasing fake Louis Vuitton bags that look like the real ones. And this matter is especially important, since early designers sold the right to copy their models, as a way to spread their trademark. Today, designers are fighting against counterfeiting and illegal copy. We can deduct how much fashion has changed from then to now.

fake Vuitton bags in the museum

To start with the specific description of this museum, we must mention one of the first designers of all time, Mr. Worth. He was a fashion pioneer who thoutght he could create his own brand. Clients started to come to him to have clothes under his name. He was the first person that created labels, in this case it was his signature.

The soon he started to make a name for himself in the market expanded. He was able to adapt dresses for every lady, and even the poorer ladies came to him for clothes as the industrialization begun.

Mr. worth was not only the first designer to start labeling but also to carry out fashion shows in his stores. He even had real models that wore his designs to promote his brand.

But as time moved on and so did fashion, fake labelling started to take place. People in America also wanted these modern clothes. Quality started to be out of control, so designers started to sell the right to copy, and the better the copy the more expensive the license.

Another fashion designer that we all have heard of is Dior. This brand focused on women that were very lady like but that also wanted to work, it was the beginning of a revolution. She was flattered that her designs started to spread around the world. She did not care about her designs being copied, and even some of them were created for the Dior brand. Nowadays this practice is not legal and brands claim their right for not being copied, as exclusivity vanishes when everyone can afford and wear them.

Some of Diors clothes

Another phenomenon started to appear. Founders started to have their own houses connected to them and started to travel around these houses. Some of them created a collection for each house. There were little fractions but this practice created continuity and a certain style for the authors. Some brands also started to diversify and also focus on accessories to make more revenue, such as jewelry of perfume.

Another famous worldwide designers also have some if their designs in this museum such as Valenciaga or Louis Vuitton, who curiously has shoes covered in nail polish in this museum, or Gucci, who has recently started to design bags for women.

To end with this article, I would like to share one of the most fascinating stories that I particularly liked It is the story about Mr. Worth and how he was able to make dresses for every woman that visited his store. I believe it is esencial to take a look back throughout history and notice how dresses were sewed for every woman according to her social class. Social position was very important at that time and clothes revealed how rich or poor a person was. For example, dresses who had their buttons on the back were maid for welthy ladies that could afford having personal to tie them, whereas the ones with the buttons on the front were maid for poorer ladies who had to tie them up themselves.

It is a very enriching experience to visit this museum and have a look at the different clothes that are gathered, carefully exposed, with such amazing stories behind them. It is not only cloth that you see but also a piece of art created by well known designers that shape their feelings and stories in their artwork.