5 Reasons I Can Tell You Use Photoshop

Example of a photoshop fail of the celebrity Brooke Shields.

To all my fellow Instagram lovers: I know that there is now a pressure to get hundreds of likes on your pictures. However, you should not feel that you have to alter your appearance to get likes. You are all beautiful the way you are and editing a picture to change your appearance is not worth it, especially if you make it so obvious that I can tell that you are doing so. I am pretty sure that we have all seen the photos that celebrities post of magazines distorting their bodies. For example, this article from Insider shows examples of different photoshop fails that the industry has tried to pass off. It just proves that even the professionals make some pretty bad mistakes. Another example of the crazy things people can do with photoshop is this video of someone turning a slice of pizza into a female in a bikini. I have no words. I did not know that was even possible.

If you are obsessed with social media just as much as I am, it is very easy to notice these small errors and the last thing you want is somebody calling you out on your overly edited picture. Trust me, I don’t mind if you make small changes but if you edit your picture so that it doesn’t even look like you anymore what is the point? Here are 5 reasons of how I can tell you use Photoshop on your pictures.

1. Your lips are white.

Don’t get me wrong not everyone has perfectly white teeth and I respect the fact that you want to whiten them a little however, if you make them too white your lips turn white and it just ruins your smile all together.

2. You all of a sudden have no lines on your face.

There is a feature on the airbrush app or facetune that allows you to fix your complexion. However, some people take this to an extreme by smoothing there face too much making it appear that they have no lines on their face. If you originally have freckles and all of a sudden you post a selfie and they are gone, yes I am going to notice.

3. Your eyelashes look fake.

Trust me, I know we all dream of the day we can afford to buy eyelash extensions and wake up flawless but, if you add the eyelashes in the app it is very obvious. All of you have grown long, luscious lashes that we all know do not exist and if your hair is in front of your eyes it will show a line over your hair exposing your secret that those are in fact not your real lashes.

4. The background of your picture is distorted.

For some reason there is a feature on these apps that allow you to make yourself look skinnier. As if society doesn’t pressure us enough to be perfect; now these apps are at our disposal. If you edit your body and the background of the picture is not a plain color it will appear distorted. The lines will squiggle and the ground will not be straight or it will concave. If you are going to edit your picture that severely, check your surroundings first.

5. You only edit yourself and not the other person.

If you are going to take the time to edit yourself perfectly, you have to remember to edit your friend as well. You can’t expect people to believe you look that amazing if the other person in the picture with you looks completely normal. Also, it just makes it look like you are only trying to make yourself look good which isn’t nice to your friend. You’ve got to be consistent when it comes to editing. There are no short cuts!

I am sorry if I have exposed all of your editing secrets to the world however, I have seen so many editing malfunctions that I felt that it was my duty to help prevent anymore editing disasters from happening again. To all my ladies who are editing masters, delete your apps. You are all beautiful just the way you are and getting likes on a picture is not worth ruining your self-esteem. Everyone should like your picture because it is of your natural beauty. Let’s show the world we do not need Photoshop and that we are proud of our bodies the way God made us!