A Cheesy Interview

Today’s assignment for my media writing class was unlike any other. For today’s class we got to venture to the Milwaukee Public Market. The assignment was to find a food venue, order food and then interview somebody working there. After taking a look at all the possible options me and my friend Marco decided on Nehring’s Family Market.

Image of the Nehring’s Family Market sign

After looking at their entire menu I decided to get a wood fired pizza. It was called the Calabrese and had Spinach, mozzarella, calabrian peppers, caciocavallo, and extra virgin olive oil.

The Calabrese Pizza

After doing someone online research this is what we found out about the Nehring Family Market. Local grocers John & Anne Nehring bring the very best of their food establishments to the Milwaukee Public Market. They serve produce, gourmet meats, signature deli items and an array of gourmet speciality foods. You can also enjoy chef-prepared meats, Breadsmith baked goods, ready-to-go hot meals, as well as it's paninis, sandwiches and Italian specialities.

After learning the background information about this venue Marco and I decided to interview one of the employees. The employee we interviewed was named Alex and he has been working at the Nehring’s Family Market for a little over a year. The Nehring’s Family Market itself has only been at the Public Market for three years now. Alex told us that the market is most well-known for it’s pizza and italian sausage. His favorite item on the menu is The Milwaukee Brat. When you visit the venue you see a brick oven where the pizzas are made.

Picture of one of the employees making our pizzas in the brick oven.

We asked why they made wood fired pizzas and Alex said it was because they wanted their pizzas to be more “authentic.” Marco and I both ordered our pizzas because we thought they had original names. I got the Calabrese and he got the Gi Gi. However, when we asked Alex if he knew the story behind the names of the pizza he said, “I don’t know. Nobody really knows why they have those names.” This was upsetting to hear because that was the main reason why we chose the food that we did. Despite the fact that we did not learn the origin of the pizza names, they were still very delicious. My mouth waters every time I look at the picture of it!

Today’s assignment not only helped me improve my interviewing skills but I got to take a break from dorm food. Success? I think so!