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Why I am the Right Intern for You!

Marquette University,

Although I may have tweeted over 28 thousand times, 140 characters is not enough to explain why I want to be the next social media intern! My name is Marta Prell and I am a sophomore at Marquette University. I am majoring in Public Relations with a double minor in Writing Intensive English and Italian. Just like most Communications majors I would say that I have a true passion for social media however, I would say that I take it much more seriously than most people. Maintaining a good social media image is more than just getting likes, it is a way of life. So why should I be the next Marquette social media intern? Here are a few reasons!

  1. Although my Instagram and Twitter game are on point, I have experience managing social media other than my own. I was elected to be the Director of PR and social media for my sorority Alpha Phi. I manage the sorority’s official website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts, so as George Lopez would say, “I GOT THIS!”

2. I am very creative and can bring many new ideas to the table. Just like Spongebob I have learned to let my imagination run wild.

3. When I commit to something I am truly 100 percent dedicated. No matter what I do I always give it my all. I would be as dedicated to this internship as Ross was when he argues in every season that him and Rachel were indeed on a break!

4. I am a natural born leader. I always find myself taking on leadership roles because I know that I will always take that extra step to make sure that things get done and done correctly.

5. I am very enthusiastic! I am the person who loves to go to work and will always come with a smile on my face and as John Mulaney would say, with “some fun mom energy!”

6. Lastly, I believe I would be perfect for this job because I am Marquette’s biggest fan! One might say that I have more school spirit than a normal person should but, I can’t help it. I want to show the world through social media how amazing Marquette truly is and help people fall in love with this school the same way I have.

“Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.”

I made all these gifs myself and if you would like to check out the social media sites that I manage these are the links. Facebook: Alpha Phi Marquette. Twitter: @AlphaPhiEtaMU. Instagram: alphaphietamu. Tumblr: and official website: