Buy All Your Furniture at Target, For Tomorrow We Die
Catherine Baab-Muguira

I think we own cheap furniture because we live in a profit driven society where everything targeted to the consumer is purposefully made with designed obsolescence. How could the multi-million dollar companies become such if they didn’t have the assurance that we would keep going back to them to replace the crap that has fallen apart mere months after the warranty ran out?

A personal example. My dad worked for Crown Tire decades ago and one of his co-workers, a very smart fellow, came up with indestructible rubber to make tires for cars that would never need to be replaced. Wanna know what happened to him? Fired on the spot the day he made his presentation to the bosses. I was young at the time but it was one of those moments where I realized the true motives of big companies. It has nothing to do with making life better, and everything to do with making more money.

It’s exactly the same with healthcare but that’s a whole different can of worms.

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