3 Extra Touches That You Can Also Try On Your Wedding

Martin Connor
Oct 15, 2018 · 3 min read

With the personal loving touch that wedding planners and couples manifest together, weddings in the Philippines are getting extra special. Due to different gimmicks, Filipinos are now traveling the road to extraordinary weddings. For the past few months, these one-of-a-kind wedding stories keep on buzzing the media. These made audiences happy, amused and inspired. Come, let’s explore the surprising ideas behind these weddings and develop yours soon!

1. Cakezilla

A wedding isn’t complete without that delicious cake, and pastry chefs in the Philippines are more than willing to level it up.

Last September 22, 2018, the largest wedding cake conquered the grounds of SM City Baguio. Weighing 13 tons and standing at 24 feet, this cake defeated the largest wedding cake in the Guinness World Records. This 4-tiered wedding cake was for a government-sponsored mass wedding wherein 43 couples tied the knot. It is made of 700 kilos of butter, 800 kilos of sugar, 18,000 eggs, 150 cans of evaporated milk, 30 sacks of all-purpose flour, 20 sacks of cake flour, 10 kilos of walnuts, 10 kilos of baking powder, 10 kilos baking soda, 50 kilos of cocoa powder, 25,000 bananas, 500 kilos of carrots, 10 cans of corn oil and 1,500 liters of whipping cream. Truly a giant!

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Source: Philippines Lifestyle News

If you want to amaze and satisfy your hungry wedding audiences, an extravagant cake is a good choice.

2. The Marvelous

In the midst of ordinary prenuptial videos and wedding films, it’s time to step up and add your personal touch.

Take Morris and Maria for example. Together with Wonderlast Films, they put their heart in making their wedding film. Bonded with their huge love for Marvel Cinematic Universe, their video stunned thousands of viewers nationwide. Watch their remarkable video below.

Kudos to their photographer and organizer for such a great job! Better find the best wedding photographer and wedding planner in the Philippines as early as now and discuss your desired outcomes, too. Keep in mind that no love stories are alike. Hence, you have no excuse to not make your wedding videos extra and full of love.

3. Sisters’ Thing

Not all weddings are remarkable because of lavish displays, and many would agree that it’s the people in it who make it special.

That’s what the Alano sisters did! For four months, the sisters composed and rehearsed their unique toast speech for Ayu Alano-Llanes’ wedding. Instead of a normal speech for the bride, they wrote a song for her. It was an adaptation from Disney’s animated movie ‘The Little Mermaid’ and Salbakuta’s ‘Stupid Love.’ They replaced the lyrics of the original song with trivia about the bride and their heartfelt message. Watch their witty toast speech below.

Evidently, getting an extra touch for your wedding doesn’t always have to be expensive. To these sisters, anything that is from the heart is priceless and more than enough.

Those are the three extra touches that you can also try on your wedding. You can take these gimmicks and add your personality to it. After all, we’re here in the Philippines, and we’re free to execute any idea imaginable. All you need is proper coordination with your wedding planner, and you’re good to go. Last note: no matter how simple or grand a wedding is, it all boils down on how you put an effort to make it one-of-a-kind.

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