5 Stunning and Elegant Kitchen Colour Trends This 2019

Thinking of redesigning your kitchen but color picking is still ongoing? Here is a list of colour trends you could get inspiration to and see how it can be the new do in your cooking area.

1. Two Tone Kitchen Match

Image source: Houzz — Why Copper Shines in the Kitchen

Harmonize your kitchen with the right two-tone colour match with the following colors:


Image source: Pinterest / Yolo Color House


Image source: Ramcet — Copper Colored Paint


Image source: Scheme Color — 24 Karat GOLD Color Scheme


Image source: Pinterest / Letraset


Image source: Scheme Color — Ginger Color Scheme

These warm natural selections are picking up in the kitchen industry embracing well with the modern kicked color palette.

2. Redefining Primary Colors

The primary colors: red, blue, yellow is being redefined in the kitchen world giving variations to this colour.


Image source: BHG / Red Kitchen Design Ideas

This popping vibrant colour is making a name for itself this 2019. The colour choice selection can range from bold jam and Merlot to sweet candy and soft blush.

One quick tip: Mix it well with black or white to make this color stand out.


Image source: Nicole Franzen (House Beautiful — 15 Blue Kitchen Design Ideas)

The color of the sea or should I say the nautical palette is waving into your kitchen. The color choice selection can range from bold navy, cheery arctic to elegant peacock perfect.

One quick tip: Lighter blues are for furnishing and walls while darker blues are for cabinetry.


Image source: Aly Design (The Spruce — 30 Beautiful Yellow Kitchen Ideas to Try)

Perk up the kitchen with the yellow and see sunshine be bestowed upon you. The color choice can range from mango and gold yellow.

One quick tip: Yellow matched well with monochromatic tones like black or grey.

3. Dark Coloured Kitchens

Image source: VSO Interiors (Decoist — 50 Gorgeous Gray Kitchens That Usher in Trendy Refinement)

Dark colours are known to be visually stunning offset with lighter or brighter colors. Top choices for dark colors are shades of grey and new color shade vino.

Darker colours are prominent with vintage looks like Victorian or Edwardian style.

4. Earthy Hues

Image source: New Old, LLC (Town and Country Living — 12 Earth Tone Kitchen Ideas)

Embracing mother earth has never felt more right with earthy hues in the kitchen. Earth hues are perfect for a contemporary setting. Here are earthy hues you could choose from:

Image source: Pinterest / Style and Designs

One quick tip: Fully emerge into this aesthetic and add in potted or hanging plants in your kitchen. Green and additional cooking seasoning.

5. The Industrial Palette

Image source: Cattleya Kitchens (The Industrial Look)

The industrial style boasts both sleekness and cleanliness every kitchen should possess. Admiring shiny grey can be done right with stainless steel appliances.

You could also explore other variation of this style by combining textures and dramatic black marble with warm oak.

These are some of the trendiest colour choices for your kitchen this 2019. Stay tuned for more updates.