Quick Facts To Help you Decide on Getting Eyebrow Microblading in Manila

Martin Connor
Jun 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Especially for the curious, uncertainty is a major roadblock to trying new things, even if it is a promise of long-lasting, daresay “permanent” beauty. Eyebrow microblading is continually gaining popularity in Manila and the whole Philippines, but as it is, a lot of potentially beautified Filipinos are having second thoughts about going through the needles and enjoying a life of full brows. Here are some facts that should help you decide on getting eyebrow microblading.

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It Doesn’t Hurt

This is one of the most common fears of people who want to go under the micro-knife or any other surgical procedure for that matter. Unlike when getting a regular tattoo where you are not given any anesthesia, a topical anesthesia will be applied to the area to be operated on.

It’s Natural Looking

Getting your brows microbladed on is not very far off from looking like you did your eyebrow makeup before getting on with your day. Getting eyebrow microblading from Manila will not look anything that obviously screams “my look came from a clinic.” It’s natural looking since the microbladed pigment closely imitates the stroke and grain of your natural hair. This means that you will also not need to pluck or shave your natural eyebrows before microblading.

It is not like a Regular Makeup Tattoo

Although it is a form of tattoo artistry, it is not like getting a regular tattoo. With a tattoo, you are pierced repeatedly with a needle at a certain depth. This needle delivers/embeds colored pigment in a level of your dermis or skin deep enough that it becomes permanent. With microblading, a small manual knife tool is used to make a shallow cut on the eyebrow skin in strokes that look like eyebrows. Ink or pigment is introduced into the shallow would very little to no bleeding happens.

Microblading is “Permanent” Makeup

When looking for information on eyebrow microblading in Manila, you might get confused with your results because the procedure would sometimes be categorized as permanent makeup. Microblading isn’t as permanent as you’d think, though. As we mentioned previously, it’s a tattoo art that involves shallow wounding. This means that it in the process of healing, the pigment will eventually be expelled by the body. Microbladed eyebrows might last 1–3 years, depending on how your body reacts. At which point, it can always easily be touched up.

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