In this article i want to talk indepth about 7 useful accessories for guitarists . Since lastest days i’ve got requests from readers to write more about Guitar stuff, Products, Reviews and ideas . First of all, the this piece of content about 7 useful accessories for guitarists was taken from our martekmedia blog.

For those who are just starting out on this journey, and not only, I have written this useful guide for choosing guitar accessories. Among the most common, we mention:

Cover or holster

It is very necessary to be able to store the instrument safely and also for transport. First of all, the case or the case is chosen depending on the type of guitar you have, and you can choose models for: classical guitar, acoustic or electric guitar, in different sizes.

If you carry it often and you need extra protection to protect it from blows or other unpleasant accidents, it is good to opt for the heel, even if the price is higher, because it is made of hard material or lined with foam, protect the instrument.

A lightweight cover helps protect you from dust and is more comfortable to carry. If you walk a lot with the instrument on foot, orient yourself towards models that have backpack-type straps and offer you a better position.

Also, see what pockets it has, a large outer pocket is useful for scores, small side pockets help you put your cables or other accessories separately to be easy to find. They have different models and colors and you will surely find something to your taste.

Electric tuners

There are mechanisms that help you tune your guitar. They are of several types and you can choose: classic tuners suitable for both acoustic and electric instruments, and they are provided with a cable for the microphone input, they are equipped with a display on which you see the strings that are tuned.

Clip tuners, which ensure an easy and comfortable tuning, are compact and are positioned on the guitar head and can remain there during use, are based on vibration and are also suitable for both acoustic instruments and electric; pedal tuners that are preferred by experienced guitarists because they are useful during the concert, easily facilitating switching to different effects, are operated with the foot without having to interrupt the performance, are for electric models and have lighting to see easily the display.


It is a mechanical device that attaches to the neck of the guitar and shortens the vibration length of the strings. It is positioned between two keys and is useful for transposing in higher tones without changing the fingering. It is purchased depending on the type of guitar, because they have different sizes and shapes for the neck.

Depending on the construction, there are several types of capo including: vise type, which are fastened with a screw; with rollers that allow its easy movement even during the interpretation; with a metal clip etc.

Strap or straps

If you have bought one of the best guitars and you have concerts, it is good to buy a quality belt that will help you hold it easier and you can focus on the interpretation.

You have several variants and you can choose belts made of textile material, resistant, with a wide palette of colors and prints; made of durable and practical ecological leather; leather with a special design, but at a higher price than the other two types.

They allow easy adjustment depending on the height of the performer, to find the correct and comfortable position. It is recommended to purchase them depending on the type of guitar, in order to fit the fastening system.


If you have an acoustic or electric guitar, you also need feathers to be able to play your favorite songs, easily and comfortably. There is a wide variety of models, with a wide range of colors, from different materials (celluloid, nylon, plastic, metal, etc.) and of different thicknesses (light 0.35–0.5 mm; medium 0.7–0, 8 mm; lasts over 1 mm).

They generally have a classic shape, but you can also find other more unusual shapes, such as finger, triangle, etc. You can buy them individually or in sets, you can also choose a feather holder to keep them safe. Also, if you are a fan of a band, you can find models that have prints with the band’s name or logo.


You should also not miss the string set to be able to make replacements in case of need. For classical guitars the strings are made of silk or nylon. For the acoustic or electrical ones there are metal strings.

They are also chosen depending on the thickness, the thinnest are generally preferred by beginners, the thicker ones offer a stronger tone. Also, the hue of the tonality as well as its resistance are influenced by the material from which the string is made.

Thus, for the electric guitar: the very thin ones (8–38 and 8.5–39) are used by those who have solo scores, they break more easily and sound weaker; the thin ones (9–42) are among the most common, suitable for most musical styles, they have a balanced sound; mediums (9–46, 10–46) are also very often used, both for the harmony part and for the interpretation and composition of some pieces in open tuning; the thick ones (larger than 10–46) are used mainly for rhythm, for more aggressive rock rhythms and less often in jazz.

For acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars the most used are the sizes of 10–47 because it offers ease of use, it is suitable for solo scores, the other sizes being preferred by those who support the melodic line or rhythm.

They can be purchased individually or in sets.


E is an important accessory for storing the guitar, both between uses and during a concert. For home you can choose wall or table supports, which are fixed and allow you to easily hang the guitar.

They have different shapes, with the fixed part made of plastic with a modern design, or made of wood to fit in a more elegant decor. For rehearsal rooms you can go on stands that allow you to hang several instruments. They are of different sizes (3, 5, 7 guitars) and, in general, they are equipped with wheels so that they can be easily moved.

For concerts, and not only, you can go for type A supports, tripod or combo, which protects your instrument and also offers a pleasant look.

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