Finding Your Purpose

Edith works in dining services here at Indiana State University. She’s present every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Sycamore Dining hall.

“I’ve spent the last five years working here, and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Her time working in dining services has been more like a hobby and less like a job. Since her retirement from the Vigo county school corporation she’s searched for ways to find fulfillment in her day to day life. Once she became comfortable in her new position she realized that she found the outlet for positive energy in her life. Edith’s role is minor yet essential to the functioning of the dining hall.

“All I have to do is swipe people’s ID’s when they enter. It’s an easy job plus I love seeing fresh faces throughout my day.”

Before she began working at ISU she often would feel bored and restless. It was like her life was no longer purpose driven.

“I had spent my entire life working for a living, but then came retirement and I didn’t necessarily have to work for a living anymore. It wasn’t long before I sensed an urge to find a new purpose, one that I could spend all my time enjoying.”

So Edith spends her days conversing with students, and making them smile with her warm personality.

“That’s probably my favorite part just being around you kids. I just look at all of you and think what a great time it was to be your age. I see kids come and go through here all the time. Honestly, they all keep me feeling young.”

Edith has seen many students come and go through the years. She’s even kept up with some until their senior year. Even though seasons and faces change one fact remains true, and that is her generous presence. Her new purpose is using her generosity to make people happy.

“I try to speak and interact with people in a way that they will enjoy listening to me, and I listen to others in a way that will make them enjoy speaking with me.”

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