How To Disconnect From Your Phone and Do This 40 Meaningful Thing

Overwhelmed With Distractions? Try To Disconnect From Your Phone

Are you still stuck in the endless interruption state of mind?

Constantly looking what notifications you have received, scrolling the endless feeds, Pull to refresh the email every once in a while…

Or maybe you already know how important it is to disconnect from your phone from time to time, make it half an hour of quiet time. Even when you do, you sometimes find yourself wondering around, magnetized by your phone “let me just check it for one second” your brain whispers to you.

But really — it can wait.

Did you wait?

If so, you already won! The first step has been taken.

Now you only need to discover fresh sources of happiness, start practicing indulgence in other activities, and the next time you disconnect will be much easier.

You will get the feeling of the things you can do, feel and achieve without technology, and if you practice it often, than it will automatically get into your day to day routine.

Suddenly you will discover that you have all that time to do the things that you wished to do, that you are passionate about, that have been waiting for you to find the time….

You can start with the “big rocks” or by Starting with the smallest and easiest activities, there are no excuses!

Disconnect From The Phone

Here are 40 Things to do when you Disconnect From The Phone:

1. Try to spend some quiet time. See what it drives you towards.

2. Go and Put a smile on someone’s face, Send a message that “Life is Good!”

3. Do Something That Scares You. The more you face fear down, the more control you have.

4. Take some walk. Activity has an Anti-aging benefits that could add an additional three to seven years to your life!

5. DIY project — make it! Or go buy the supplies for that beautiful DIY project you keep putting off.

6. Visit a neighbor. Connect to the people around you.

7. Donate .Make a pile of items and forward it to someone who will enjoy it.

8. Write Stuff Down. Even if no idea comes out, just sitting silently with your thoughts, pen and paper is a precious moment.

Disconnect and write Stuff Down

9. Read a book. You can do it in bed, instead of mindlessly playing with your phone.

10. Put on music and dance. Make a Happy Self, elevate your mood and improve the harmony between your mind and body, get a sense of well-being.

11. Or Put on music and clean your home. It’s possible that you will feel tired afterwards but for sure you will also feel uplifted.

12. Take a nap. Sleeping makes you smarter after all.

13. Take a bath Or a hot shower, It can Relieve Stiff Neck and Shoulders and Improve Circulation.

14. Make yourself some tea. Green tea is more than just green liquid, it’s loaded with antioxidant.

15. Leave a love message for your loved one, on an actual paper.

16. Make your dream list. write your dreams for the next year or even 10.

17. Help a friend. Giving to others is a vital aspect of life.

18. Help a stranger. Feel more connected to the world around you.

19. Try Mindfulness. It starts with just paying a little more attention to each action you do, allowing you to be more present, aware and alive in each moment.

20. Organize your real desktop. A clean work station can boost your productivity.

21. Finish an unfinished task. When you’re done with a project it empowers you.

22. Cook dinner. Why not try out all those great recipes you’ve been browsing?

23. Make special breakfast. Surprise your family with badly burnt toast, they won’t mind the burn.

24. Plant a tree or a start your own garden. Do your part in saving the world.

25. Improve your socialization skills. No man is an island, you need your fellow humans.

26. Go for volunteer work. Volunteering increases self-confidence, makes you happy and gives you a sense of purpose.

27. Perform family picnic. Connect with your loved ones and enjoy a genuine real life smile.

28. Enjoy bike rides. Feel the wind blowing in your face and hear it play music in your ears.

29. Play with your favorite pet. Study found that when you are under stress, having your dog in the room lowered blood pressure better than taking a medication.

30. Watch the sunrise or sunset. Marvel at the fireball that keeps us alive.

Disconnect and watch the sunrise or sunset

31. Grab some drinks together with your friend. A great time with your friends is what you need.

32. Call a friend. Enrich Your Life and Improve Your Health.

33. Go outside And get your vitamin D daily dose.

34. Try a new craft. Yes, you probably learned it from browsing the net, but now it’s time to actually craft.

35. Take time to look back your old photos. Remember the good old days.

36. Enjoy the beauty of the beach. And if you’re lucky you can even enjoy a coconut while at it.

37. Practice Yoga. Among other things, yoga helps you breathe better and accept whatever life brings to your table.

38. Get your room organized. You may accidentally find something you’ve been missing.

39. Try To organize your life. Create A To-Do List, Or you can erase your To-Do List and start a clean page.

40. Lie down and do nothing. Enjoying your own company is a gift.

SO — Next time you feel overwhelmed with distractions, try to disconnect, enjoy some quiet time, find where your Motivation lies, act on it and get a step closer to a complete and coherent experience of life.

Enjoy missing out!