How to get rid of cellulite in the past month

Pose to take depending on your preferences: you can lie, you can sit. Pick up a brush. Then start to massage the soles of the feet, from the fingertips. Smooth transition to the buttocks higher. Movement along the muscle fibers needs to change the basic circular motion.

Now go to the hands. Start massage with palms slowly scroll to the axilla, and then to the back. It can light circular movements to massage and a front wall of the abdomen.

How to get rid of cellulite in the past month — summer is a wonderful time, accompanied by the rest on Russian and foreign beaches, it was at this time so I want to have a beautiful figure, attracting the glances of holidaymakers.Visit my Blogs here

However, most women are embarrassed because your body of cellulite. To stop doing it and put on your favorite swimsuit in the popular resort are kindly requested to take care of her figure.

Instruction — Develop a power scheme: Eat slowly and several times a day, do not overeat and do not dine after 7:00 pm. As for the food, try to eliminate from the diet foods that contain sugar and preservatives and flour products, fast food and sodas.

Do not forget that alcohol is also harmful to the body, so it is necessary to refuse from. Thus, there is the need to completely re-tune to receive healthy food and eat as much healthy fruits, green vegetables, berry and lettuce.