What is Download Framaroot?

Download Framaroot is one of the best available applications for rooting an android phone in simply one click without the use of a desktop PC. A majority of users have been keen on using Download Framaroot since they are able to root their device easily without having to go through a hazzle process. At present, Download Framaroot is not available for download on Play Store. This tool has its own set of complex exploits which differ from one device to another depending on its chipset model and its android version. The latest versions of Download Framaroot are capable of unrooting an android device in one click as well.

How To Install Download Framaroot In An Android Device

  • Select Download Framaroot from the file manager folder in your android phone or it can even be downloaded from any third party file manager
  • Next select the install button
  • Within a couple of seconds, it will display a message saying that the App Installation is complete
  • Once the above steps have been completed, the Download Framaroot App Icon will appear with other apps on the display of your android device

How To Root An Android Phone Using Download Framaroot

  • Once the Download Framaroot application has been successfully installed on your android phone, you can start rooting the android device without using a desktop computer by following the steps below;
  • Open Framaroot from the app drawer on your Android phone
  • There can be two possibilities now, one may show that an exploit is available for rooting your android phone or it may show an error saying that “Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot (if you happen to get this message, it means that your device does not support Framaroot APK)
  • If you are lucky enough to not to receive the above error message, then it means that Download Framaroot is capable of rooting your android device
  • If so, you should be getting the three options below:
  • Install SuperSU
  • Unroot
  • Execute Script

About Installing SuperSU

This option should be selected if you wish to root your android device. It will then install an application called SuperSU which is capable of managing all Su permissions to various root apps.

About Unroot

There are many advantages of unrooting an android device. You can select this option if you wish to unroot your device. It will remove SuperSU and all its binaries. In other words, it is used for unrooting a device which is rooted.

Execute Script

It is not recommended to use this option and it is meant for advanced users only since it could even result in bricking your device.

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