What is Download Township APK?

Download Township APK is a game which consists of a unique mix of both farming as well as city building. Users are able to build their own unique dream town using Download Township APK. From opening cinemas, restaurants, community buildings, trading with different tropical countries, exploring mines for resources, finding artifacts of value to running your very own zoo by gathering animals from a variety of countries you can experience amazing features which gives life to the town which the game is focused on. If you are ready to become a farmer as well as a city manager in order to recreate your dream, then Download Township APK is the game for you. The game is available free to play but, however certain in-game items have to be purchased online. You are required to have an internet connection in order to play the game, take part in competitions, interact socially and for making use of certain other features. Download Township APK can be played with your Facebook and Google+ friends. You can also meet new friends within the game community by creating clans.

Features Of Download Township APK

  • There are many lovely animals whom you can take care of
  • Varieties of buildings and decorations can be chosen from in order to create the town of your dreams
  • The mine in the town is filled with various ancient artifacts which are meant to be found and collected
  • You can expand as well as manage the farms
  • You can use famous landmarks and flags of countries in order to decorate the town. For example: Big Ben, Statue of Liberty and so on
  • Animals can even be bred by building a zoo
  • Tropical items can be bought from various islands

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