I took 400 fitness classes in a year
Stephanie Yeung

I enjoyed reading this. And I can relate. I got addicted to Pure-Barre some time ago, and that means classes, merchandise, social media promotion, the whole thing! Sadly, I eventually had to pause my subscription due to life happening… and then found Class Pass (I’m also back on PB), and although I many times wish for 5 more minutes in the mornings before a 6 AM class, I always end up feeling better after the class! Some things could be better at CP. For instance, they could give more flexibility to pause or cancel subscriptions. I resent having paid a month when I was not able to attend 1 single class because I was always traveling and my dad was sick. That said, power to CP members around the country! I’m hoping to pick it up full speed again. Thanks for sharing your journey! I realize you don’t need it but someone could be interested in a referral code to try it! Here is mine: http://class.ps/dVuvu

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