Good morning, Mr. President, My People Indonesian origin who is French and is the ancestral I Come From DRAGUIGNAN, it’s What I Want Say About the state of Indonesia Actual, ie Problems Violations of Human Rights and Violation of Laws ducted by the Law Enforcement Itself, They Can not Trust again Neither was President, Military, Law Enforcement or the clerical, Everything Make People Indoneisa Restless And Restless, Lots News Concealed By Media Newspaper Existing Di Indoneisa So Unknown World International, for that I please Dear Mr. President of the United States of America for Immediate Following up the Information That I Say This Because state companies Unlikely To Repaired again Because Ruler made arbitrarily Against All People, Once again I Kindly for Immediate Enforced Law present international Like the Middle Eastern countries, In order After That They Can Deep Meaning Of Understanding Affection Thanks Much To Mr. President Yang Immediately Following My News, May God bless Mr. President. amen