#CampaignaForDana Day 8

On October 8th, 2011 my mom passed away. It’s hard to believe that that was 5 years ago. Today was a busy day with 3 major considerations: mom, Ben and Megan’s wedding, and dad’s Ironman.



Have you read His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman? It’s the wonderful trilogy that includes The Golden Compass. I’ve read the books several times and also listened to audio versions on road trips with mom and Elliott. In the books, there are numerous, maybe infinite, parallel worlds. The idea is that the world divides over and over again as decisions are made and events happen. If, in one world, when you reached a fork in the road, you went left, then, in another, otherwise similar world, you went right. I’ve often felt like living in a world without my mom is like getting stuck in the wrong reality. It’s something that was inconceivable to me before it happened and in many ways still is. I imagine another Martha, in another world, with another Dana who still eats cherries and dances ridiculously around the kitchen in Portland.

But I also look around the world I live in, and I’m moved by our incredible resilience. We have achieved the unimaginable. We have survived and even flourished in this wrong world. And I know she’d be proud of us, because she’s the one who taught us how to do it.

Ben and Megan.

Mr. and Mrs. Guthrie! ❤️❤️

We spent today in the most gorgeous setting here at Lake Tahoe, celebrating the most wonderful couple. My mom loved Lake Tahoe. I remember getting text messages of the vivid photos she took when she and dad dropped Elliott off here for school. Because today was a dressy day, I went with dressy, somewhat understated jewelry. I know very little about the opal earrings and opal ring (I believe the ring was Gramsy’s…?). The gold necklace was a gift to my mom from my dad. She wore it on special occasions, so it seemed right for today!

Opal earrings, opal ring, gold necklace
Wedding crew

Dad’s Ironman.

Dad and his bike in Kona

Speaking of resilience, my dad fractured his pelvis a month or so ago, and he’s STILL competing in the Ironman World Championships today. He recovered in the swim and the bike almost right away, but running was painful for him even fairly recently. His times haven’t posted yet, but Elliott, who’s there with dad and Sidney, reported that as of mile 8, he was hitting 8 minute miles. Beast. I know my dad had been working insanely hard to train for this race (as if qualifying wasn’t enough!) and was disappointed when his training was interrupted by his injury, but his attitude has been incredibly positive. I’m SO proud of him. He dedicated his race today to mom.

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