#CampaignaForDana Days 17 and 18

It finally happened. I combined two blog posts into one. Rob’s sick and I think Finlay and I are coming down with something and I feel entitled to my laziness! The earrings on these two days came from the same store in Portland, so it’s reasonably appropriate to combine them anyway.

On the 17th I wore mom’s leek (or maybe scallion) earrings. She got these at Twist, a wonderful, funky store in Portland owned by friends of ours. A ton of mom’s jewelry comes from this store. They sell Cathy Waterman and Thomas Mann, to name a few artists my mom loved.


The leeks come from an artist whose name I don’t know. For a long time Twist carried all sorts of tiny foods sculpted by this person. You could (and we did) buy a tiny sculpted basket and fill it with tiny fruits and veggies, tiny baguettes. I remember doing so on several occasions, sometimes for gifts, sometimes for my own entertainment.

As for today’s earrings, these are a pair by Thomas Mann (mentioned above). This pair is one mom wore on a regular basis for a long period of time. They were classics and they still make me think of that time in our lives, when we lived in Eugene (and beyond).

Geometric Thomas Mann earrings

Fun fact about Twist: they once sent out a mailer promoting their website store with the tag line, “Shop naked.” The Upshaw Preston household really loved that.

Mom with sister Dawn and bff Kendra in the Thomas Mann earrings
Mom on top of Spencer Butte (in Eugene, OR) in the Thomas Mann earrings

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