#CampaignaForDana Days 28, 29, and 30

Second-to-last day of the campaign! This month has FLOWN by. So far, we are just $585 away from a whopping $10,000 (over three years of fundraising). We’ve had an amazing 38 donors so far this year and 15 beautiful photo contributions. I’m thrilled, as I’ve been every year, to read so many beautiful stories and to see such generous gifts going towards this important cause. One more day!!

Day 28 recap


On the 28th I wore mom’s sunflower earrings. What’s fun about these is I have a lot of photos of her wearing them over the years — they were a favorite.

The family that gets bangs together stays together
Mom and our dog Jackie

On the 28th, two wonderful Pomona friends joined the Campaigna.

(Other) Dana’s photo

In Dana’s words:

These earrings were my moms and they are one of two jewellery pieces I have with me in Italy. This is fabulous because it means I can participate in my friend Martha Hayes’s #CampaignaForDana to fund cancer research in honour of her momma, Dana.
Donate here to fund research at OHSU: www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/marthauphayes/campaigna2016
Elena’s photo

In Elena’s words:

Today I’m wearing my favorite necklace and it’s the perfect opportunity for me to join @marthauphayes #campaignafordana. every October Martha celebrates her mom’s memory by wearing her awesome jewelry and inviting others to join by wearing jewelry that reminds them of strong women. This locket is from my grandma Pauline and holds a photo of her and my grandma Elaine. Learn more about the campaign at www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/marthauphayes/campaigna2016

Day 29 recap

Yesterday I wore one of my favorite of mom’s earrings as a necklace.

Thomas Mann ❤️s

I lost one of the earrings in the pair the year before last when I wore them for this project. Here’s what I wrote about that last year — it captures how I still feel about that experience:

Today I’m wearing what was once a pair of earrings as a necklace. I lost one of these (classic Dana earrings) last year and was briefly demoralized but then I remembered what mom would say: special things are to be enjoyed, not locked away. You don’t stop treasuring special things just because you know they can get lost or broken. And the same is true about people: you don’t stop loving because you lose an important (even the most important) person.
Mom in the Thomas Mann ❤️s

On the 29th, my friend Jourdan from high school joined the campaign:

Jourdan’s photo

In Jourdan’s words:

Supporting my classmate Martha Hayes in her #campaignafordana movement. These are some gorgeous rings left for me by my late Grams!

Day 30 recap

Today I wore one of my favorite pairs of earrings: mom’s Cathy Waterman flowers.

Tiny flowers

They make me think of jasmine, one of mom’s favorite flowers and one of mine.

Here’s mom drinking wine in Santa Fe with her sister, wearing these earrings. I love that this photo captures them on what I’m sure was a really fun, special occasion for mom, if she was with Dawn.

Party time with the Upshaw girls

Today two more wonderful ladies joined the campaign.

Adrienne’s photo

In Adrienne’s words:

A seasonal autumnal ring of my great grandmother’s. Yes, tiny stones are missing, but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful to me! Love your cause @marthauphayes! I miss your sweet momma and love how you honor her!! ❤ #campaignafordana#campaignafordana #cancersucks
Meredith’s photo

In Meredith’s words:

Finally participating in the campaign my sweet friend @marthauphayes runs every October to raise money for cancer research in honor of her mama, #campaignafordana. To participate: donate here (http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/marthauphayes/campaigna2016) and/or post a picture of your favorite jewelry that reminds you of strong women in your life. For me, nothing does that more than my precious #agnesscott ring. Lucky to get to see @laurenzowhitton several times in October and drafted her to take a photo with me. #strongwomen #fuckcancer

Donate to cancer research at OHSU here: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/marthauphayes/campaigna2016#