Kevin Durant Learns Karate was inspired by a handful of mentors and athletes that have transcended their sport through a martial way. Having the mastery mindset is the difference between staying within your comfort zone to gain the depth versus journeying out to learn other crafts to obtain the breadth.

Most recently, we had the opportunity to work with Kevin Durant on a Nike campaign known as the “Unlimited You”. After decades of presenting new movements within the martial arts WORLD, it was then that we became part of a larger community developing new reference points that would embrace the martial arts UNIVERSE. The universe pertaining to an array of martial planets that have developed programs in business (SixSigma), technology (Security), sports (Training), and entertainment (Production). Centuries of data provided, information passing between all of us in nanoseconds, knowledge stored in cloud repositories, and wisdom passed from generation to generation, provide opportunities for each of us to tell the stories of our martial influences. These stories start with a conversation then with further research personal conversion occurs. Conversion happens when your ideals become rationalized with proven frameworks that others can openly connect and utilize to support one another. is that medium to inspire your connection. As athletes personally train, inspire the youth, and produce elite talent, the campaign that aligns our mission is simple: “What is a Martial Athlete?” An individual who strives for mastery in mind, body, and spirit by developing one skill at a time.

By:Carmichael Simon

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