Living On a Social

6 AM in the morning, the Sun isn’t came up yet but I enjoyied the view of a grey grey sky. After the usual morning shower I opened up my computer, put on the water for my tea and started my day officially.

8 AM twitter trends are telling me that somethin wrong is going on here on our beloved Earth, so I start reading while listening a good piece of old classical music. Apart from Beethoven being so messy and sad, I also realise that our world politicians, vip, common citizen are behaving the same way. I am shocked by the way people are sarcastic either about a girl who killed herself and a Football match gone wrong.

8.15 AM while going to Uni with the public transports I saw people checking their phones every two minutes to control their “social” life, answering their lover, checking the emails..and missing a child smiling over his mom telling him he is going to Disneyworld, or the Sun finally coming up litghting (I don’t know if this word exist but I do like it) our day up.

9 AM Uni. We, I should listen to the professor but “hei, wait, whaaaat is going on in Baltimore?! let me check on twitter once again”, what was the professor saying?

14 PM lessons are over, we talked, tweeted, facebooked etc all together in the classroom. I am still alive and in the same place as before, but other people aren’t. Someone is born, someone is dead (sorry, folks!), someone get married and so on.

16 AM after lunch, a bit of studying and working I made my afternoon break, I check twitter to find out if a war is coming in my country or if the Parliament is finally down (not yet, almost there). in the meantime I’ve recieved loads of messages of all sort on every social media possible.


I haven’t talked to anyone in particular, I’ve only read, wrote and listened to other people. I mean about our world trouble, enviroment, business etc.
I only asked for a cappuccino and thanked the barista for making it so good, said hello, I love you to my mom and boyfriend. that’s it.

I call this life, but it’s not. it’s not life when you use a social network to talk to your friends, lover, family and collagues. Yes, I do thank a lot the developers of Gmail, Google, FB, Twitter; Tumblr and Skype so I can talk to my folks around the world without spending a penny but this is not what I like.

I want to be a Journalist when I grow up, but not in this way. not in a way where you are obliged to talk about social media journalism because that is what we got. I miss the idea of “notebook, pen and phone coins” journalism.

18 PM. It’s time to go to the gym, without the phone. only me and the tapirulant. uh, and the book I’m reading too. two hours of complete brain silence and relax.

20 PM. holy crap. 350 messages on watsapp, 5 messages on facebook and 15 notifications, 9 interactions on twitter, 36 emails and 10 phonecalls. not to mention all the staff happened in the meantime.

21 PM. I employed one hour to check all, cook, sit down and enjoy my dinner.

23 PM. Too exausthed to stay a little up more..I discover there’s the Graduate on my dvd shelve, guess what? I watched it.

1 AM. I finally go to bed, thanking God I have a roof on my head, a nice family and friends and 590 followers on twitter.

this article was written while I was sitting at Uni in the study room, while listening to Mozart’s Requiem in D minor, so there’s might be errors in there.
I was thinking at one my usual day routine.

hope you like it.

for any questions: @b4con_boom (twitter),

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