Yes, Trump Really Is An Imbecile

Among the things I never thought I’d actually have to say, let alone prove, while responding to reader comments

Martie Sirois
Jun 15 · 20 min read
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On the “intelligence” factor

Obviously, I’ve argued in the original piece that I do not believe Donald Trump to be intelligent at all. I also don’t believe that he has ever been intelligent, and yes, I’ll confess that I have listened to several of his older interviews, some of them in real time. I’m a child of the late 70s/early 80s. I remember being a young kid, shopping in the grocery store with my Mom and seeing Donald and then-wife Ivana’s images splashed all over the tabloid covers.

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“Donald Trump was the dumbest goddamn student I ever had.”

DiPrima elaborated on this:

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On the “different moral preferences” factor

Addressing your second point:

  1. “they just have incredibly different moral preferences and a very different way of viewing the world; but it doesn’t make them intellectually deficient.” Fair point. You’re exactly right on this. Having different moral preferences and different ways of viewing the world does not make people intellectually deficient. Moral preferences may not be tied to the aspect of intelligence. There may be no correlation whatsoever.
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A word on political correctness

I sometimes hear in comments that the Trump presidency is all “liberals’ fault,” that he’s a “direct result of the scourge of political correctness.”

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