Why you should be wary of social media “Ninjas”

Social media is a part of every day life. If you are a business, a small or large brand you need a social media presence so that you can communicate with your customers and show them what you’re all about. Social media is the norm for businesses and a great tool generally to enable us to communicate with each other and just be social.

I am a social media manager, I started my own business Wee Bit Social almost a year ago now and I manage my own channels on a daily basis as well as those of my clients. I also provide advice and training to businesses to enable them to successfully manage their own platforms. I don’t take my work lightly, I studied with Digital Mums and worked my arse off alongside my day job learning with a wonderful business who allowed me to learn my craft in a sort of social media apprenticeship.

I know enough about social media strategies and how to effectively put them in place, but I also know no matter how great they are they always need to be checked and amended, it’s an ongoing and detailed process. It’s a skill, a craft that needs to be studied and earned. It’s not something you can wake up and put on your Linkedin profile simply because you know about hashtags and you are slightly active on 5 platforms.

I’m no Gary Vee by any means, but I can walk into a room and talk to people about why their brand should be using social media, how often to post, what types of content they should be posting and why, and which platforms are the best for their business, and that’s just a start. What I’m noticing more and more of though, is the social media cowboys offering a social media “package” for £40.00 a month, a one size fits all type method to social media for business. This approach really annoys me because as there is plenty of room for everyone, this is just not a great way to approach social media marketing. In fact it’s not marketing at all. It’s these sort of companies that ultimately, encourages the opinion that just anyone can be a “social media ninja” by sending out a few tweets.

That’s just not what it’s all about and I personally feel like it downplays the skill and damages the industry for social media managers in general. Freelancers like myself and so many others I know in this industry who put so much time and thought into their work behind the scenes. Spending the time getting to know their brand, they sit down and discuss the requirements, the tone and ethos of the company they are working for, develop a strategy, look for and develop amazing content, study and analyze what works best and at what time and then put all this into place keeping in mind the customers and the brand they are working for. It involves real skill and a love of what you do and genuinely wanting to connect with your audience. Sure there are things like advertising and algorithms that come into play and don’t make it easy but these are also taken into account and it’s the reason we also believe in engaging with other people and spending the time needed to connect.

Social media is about being SOCIAL it’s not about just whipping out a few tweets a week and hoping for the best, properly trained social media managers are aware of this which is why we do charge more than £40.00 a month. So when you see a bargain deal for managing your social media for a pretty paltry sum, it might be time to consider what you will be getting for that £40.00 and the thought that you might be better saving that money and doing it yourself. Or, you could hire someone that really, genuinely cares about what they are doing, which will ultimately be reflected in their work and your business. As in most things, you get what you you pay for.