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Top 5 ways to die in Iceland — a guide for reaching your final destination in the land of fire and ice — that one top list about Iceland you haven’t seen yet

Are you one of the many tourists who want to visit Iceland with the intention to do stupid things and seek an early death? Yes? Then this guide is for you! Discover the most popular ways to die in Iceland and have one hell of an experience!

  1. Get swept away by the waves at Reynisfjara beach — The black beach of Reynisfjara is awesome. It’s so black and the waves are so white! When making a photo of it, make sure to go and stand as close to the ocean as possible. One out of ten waves is usually larger than the waves before due to the oceans way of working. Aim for the ninth wave when kneeling down for your perfect shot. Is there a guy in a yellow jacket waving at you? He is just trying to keep you away from the best photo you will ever make. Ignore him completely and wait for your final shot!
  2. Ignore the weather warnings completely — There’s this group of people in Iceland named The Icelandic Met office. Their goal is to ruin your well-planned road trip around the island. They post weather warnings regularly. Ignore those weather warnings completely. Don’t let the Met boys ruin your well planned holiday! Especially notifications about strong winds are bullshit. Take your big campervan and hit the road! If you are lucky you can even stumble upon some free flying before reaching your final destination.
  3. Walk on the ice at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon — You know what’s really awesome? A selfie in front of the famous ice floes of Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon? No, there’s something better. A selfie on top of these famous ice floes! Make sure to go stand on the ice with as many people as possible. And do you know what is even more awesome? A selfie made when jumping! Go for it.
  4. Ignore every closure sign you stumble upon — That slippery path behind the waterfall is closed but looks good to you? It is! The view from there will be awesome and since you are visiting Iceland just ones it’s no option to not go there. Step over the closure sign and make sure to walk as fast as possible to the most scenic spot. Running there is even better! No time to lose in this jaw-dropping country.
  5. Go exploring glaciers by yourself — Visiting a glacier with a tour guide is expensive. And Iceland is already so expensive! There’s no need to pay such a high price for visiting nature. You can explore glaciers and ice caves by yourself. Make sure you know as less as possible about the area you are visiting. This will increase the adventurous feeling. When you are lucky enough you can even find some amazing cold slides to reach your final playground.

This article was sponsored by The Coffin company Reykjavik.

p.s. so you think this article is a joke? Think again.

An article by Martijn Droger