Up North

Years along the shores of Canada’s great lakes

Photography & words by Martijn Droger

for Richard,

Over the years I traveled numerous times to my family in Toronto, Canada. Always, when I looked at the map, the road up North made me long for adventure and from the moment I was able to rent a car I started traveling up North with my camera.

I fell in love with the endless skies, wild landscapes, and fresh air immediately. From the Northern lights and milky way at night to thunderstorms and blinding sunrises by day. I witnessed so many beautiful things. Here is a small collection of the photographs I made. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunrise at Killarney Provincial Park.
Survivors of a forest fire.
Stormy sunset at Killbear Provincial Park.
Last light of the day shows the contours of the rugged coastline of Lake Superior Provincial Park.
Empty bays at Pukaskwa National Park.
Falls in Lake Superior Provincial Park.
Looking for gold? Visit Ontario’s Great Lakes.
Aurora Borealis above Lake Superior Provincial Park.
Sunrise at Killarney Provincial Park.
Last light of the day brightens up the endless skies above Canada’s great lakes.

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