If you take risks, there is a time when things could go wrong…

With all of my photography I’m used to taking risks now and then. Going into places or putting my camera in places where I could potentially damage the gear I’m using. I accept those risks (and try to minimise them), as the gear I’m using are my tools to make what I envision to make. Until now it always worked well, I have been in a lot of sketchy situations but the most common one just got me down…
I’ve lost my Sony A7RII together with a ZEISS Batis 2.8/18 and a Nisi 0.9 GND filter. Total value: € 3.319 Damn……

Get back to the essence and get real again.

Image by: prateek-katyal

Instagram announced to globally test the hiding of likes. The internet exploded again, becaue what should we do without likes? How are the ‘influencers’ going to calculate their market value and how will people ever like my posts again?

Well people, relax.. please just relax..

I think it’s a good move to move away from the whole ‘likes’ based life we all live in these days. I have a daughter of 9. She is on TikTok, just like every other girl in her school. When they are playing at home and…

I had the opportunity to try the Leica Q2 for some weeks and together with the camera I’ve got a Nisi M75 filter kit to try some long exposure photography with this amazing camera.

The Leica Q is seen as a second camera by most Leica photographers. Mostly they have an bigger model as their main camera and take along the Q when they are out for a stroll in the city or want to pursue street photography while being as low profile as possible.

When I saw the specs of this camera I was blow away.
47.3 megapixels combined with…

Martijn Kort

Architecture and fine-art photographer. Zeiss Netherlands and Nisi ambassador. Sharing my love for photography. http://www.martijnkort-photography.com

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