I read it in the newspaper so it must be true.

The Evening Standard, that super source for nuanced reporting.

The first line reads: “RECORD numbers of Chinese tourists are heading to London, in the latest sign of the capital’s remarkable Brexit-era resilience.”

So that sounds like that whole Brexit thing is turning out amazing, right?

I always say that the truth is often hiding in plain sight, typically in a byline, when I am teaching people what to look for if they are intervening on a system. Or coaching or doing therapy with a client.

In this case, it’s the first part of the next sentence. “The pounds plunge after the referendum…”

I looked it up. Against the dollar, it’s still some 20% lower in value. That means in its essence that for the rest of the world, Disney World London is offering an ongoing sale of 20%. On everything. It doesn’t show resilience. It’s shows that the Chinese can count. It’s a short term boost and the government and the press are going to use that to fuel their mutual confirmation bias. (Probably to make dumb decisions. Sorry. I digress)

When did you last look behind a story?

What’s signal and what’s noise?

What do you do to challenge your own assumptions?

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