When we started DataCamp, we offered a $29/month regular plan (a plan we still offer today) and a $9/month academic student plan. The academic plan had the same exact functionality as the regular plan, but at a much lower price point. This way, we wanted to give students with low available capital to spend the opportunity to learn Data Science through DataCamp as well.

The academic student plan quickly became a success. Professors that wanted to modernize their teaching methods, decided to spend part of their classroom budget on buying DataCamp access for all their students for the semester. …

On August 21 2019 I shared the following message with all DataCamp employees via Slack:

Hi All! I could not help but noticing that when talking about “time units to get things done” we are more and more defaulting to “weeks”: e.g. …

Leading product at a fast growing company (DataCamp) and being interested in history, I often find that the stories of World War 2 provide me with useful insights for my daily problems. Today, I wanted to focus on how the Western Allies’ better product management led to their victory.

At the outbreak of WW2, Nazi Germany seemed to have the winning hand: a rising empire, military victories at Blitzkrieg speed, superior weaponry, and Europe at its knees. Five years later, they had nothing. Germany was a crippled country with no resources left.

Shipping and Logistics Are Everything — How Germany’s Scope Creep and Inability to Scale Accelerated the Allied…

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