Part 1: Introduction into Metaprogramming and Code generation

Just recently I was re-reading some chapters from the book: The Pragmatic Programmer, by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas, published in October 1999. And I stumbled onto two interesting chapters called Metaprogramming & Code generators. For the ones who don't know this book I highly recommend reading it in combination with the Coding Blocks podcast discussion.

This article will be mostly an introduction into the two topics. …

From manual deployments to scalable Kubernetes deployments with Kubeflow

Written by Tim Nooren & Martijn Zwennes

Around five years ago we started out with a really small data team. That team consisted of around four people (analysts and data engineers), and their job was to support all the other teams with reports and insights. We owned a single database which held all the data and analysts performed queries on this database to create their reports. Life was limited, but easy.

Slowly we started scaling; The single database scaled to a clustered solution, multiple reporting tools were integrated, and a large number of teams got introduced that required their own…

Introduction to GraalVM

In the past few months we have made great progress in regards to infrastructure. Where we started with manual configured applications running on compute engines and Elastic Beanstalk, we are now running multiple Kubernetes clusters with the entire infrastructure in code, ready to be re-deployed again.

During the dockerization and setting up the Kubernetes deployments we learned that:

  • Java needs some tweaking to work properly with Docker
    Some optimizations have been made in Java 10 that are enabled by default in Java 11 -XX:-UseContainerSupport️.
  • Startup time of your application is crucial to allow fast scaling.
  • The overall memory footprint of…

Martijn Zwennes

A back-end developer and programming language enthusiast.

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