Thinking It Through:
Joe Amditis

Great job Joe! I too was pleasantly surprised by the complexity of ideas pumped out during our CMA workshop.

I have found Twitter to be an indispensable tool in reaching my community, and I’ve already built worthwhile bonds with experts of and in my community, just by tweeting them. I’ve also discovered Skype (how lame is it that I just discovered Skype) to be a great resource in communicating with international members of my community — I’m actually finding that much of my community lives/works abroad.

When it came down to getting my Hearken module out, it wasn’t enough to just post the link or curiosity module around, I found that I had to DM a lot of people. I also had to do some good ole fashioned irl interviews. What’s App helped with lots of the messaging, and so did sending annoying mass texts and emails. The one thing I did learn in anthropology was the art of overstaying my welcome, so I’ve gotten pretty efficient at annoying the hell out of people with links and questionnaires. The great thing about this Hearken experiment is that it’s so easy — and I think people were comforted when I told them that they’d be asking the questions, and that it’d literally take them like two seconds to do. That was my main selling point.

Design thinking is a great process to ensure journalists are held accountable for their work — which is something that’s very important to me as a reader and a news consumer. I want to make sure that I’m creating a platform (what ever it ultimately will be) for my community — something they need, not just something I want.

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