Boot camp day 1 Growth Mindset

Good day and thanks to the good Lord I made this far,to boot camp that is.I would also like to encourage those that didn't make it to keep on trying because I had also tried once before and did not succeed and that practice makes perfect.

Growth mindset.What is a growth mindset?Adapting to something new or keeping the old,I find that maybe there has to be a balance(not 50/50) between the two each has relevance since you learn from your past.I learned to take criticism over the years though not always since it is sometimes difficult hearing that what you did wasn’t up to standard when I thought it was.I must adapt to the changes.

“Without challenges,there’s no change”

So what challenges were in store for me?To start of interfacing with new software that I have not encountered or completely over looked such as Pivotal Tracker.

Having never encountered such software before which left me lagging behind a little bit even after watching the introductory video I was still trying to wrap myself around this new concepts which after sometime I was now somewhat comfortable with.

Also communicating via the video call especially when my microphone kept on dropping along with using internet bundles was a little challenging because you can miss critical information but thankful to google I haven't yet encountered that.Using low bandwidth is a plus.

Lagging behind especially when you miss a step is a hurdle that slows you down and you find yourself playing catch up which can easily lead to frustration if you cannot keep control and don’t ask for help.

So whats my motivation for keeping on with the boot camp,to turn myself into a world class developer and why stop now when I can keep going. :-)

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