An OTC Trading dApp on an Ethereum Parity Blockchain containerized & deployed with Red Hat OpenShift

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Over-the-counter (OTC) trading

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OTC trading on a blockchain — why?

Private Ethereum with Proof-of-Authority consensus — our choice for OTC trading

Containerize the nodes of the blockchain

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Right — Now, how do we build such an dApp?

Components and their interaction of the OTC trading dApp: Each component is deployed as an OpenShift container


The smart contract architecture of our dApp

Illustration that shows how asset seller and asset buyer of an OTC trade interact with the smart contracts of the blockchain.

Properties of our dApp to highlight:

Now — do you want to try it out? How to setup and use the dApp yourself!

$ git clone
$ cd blockchain-otc-app/openshift
$ oc login -u developer -p developer <playgroundId>
$ bash -p otc -d <openshift-wildcard-domain>

Awesome, deployment done! Now you are ready for demo!

User experience for OTC traders (market maker & taker)

Signup page of the dApp
Page that shows how a blockchain wallet is created/imported; the wallet is maintained on client-side.
Market initializer releases Asset Token for trading by making an offer.
Market initializer assigns Euro Token to another user.
Page that shows how a market maker offers an OTC trade where 250 Asset Tokens are offered for 375 Euro Tokens.
Page that shows the marketplace and how a market taker takes an offer from the marketplace.


We’re happy to see your pull requests :)

CEO at CPG Finance Systems GmbH

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