The impact the Media has on Children
Alexandria Sell

I most definintely agree. I feel its not even just disney movies. Parents nowadays tend to let their children watch whatever they want. Whether it be a disney movie or not, these movies are giving children wrong messages which may lead them in the wrong path at night.

I think you nailed it when saying that its a lot more then just kids acting out their fantasies. Through these movies they may see the violent characters as a role model giving them an incentive to maybe change the ways that they act. When I was younger I was never able to watch these type of movies. My parents were pretty strict on what I was able to watch especially throughout my early elementary years. I remember the movies that my friends would watch; when I would ask my parents to watch the movie it was always a strict no, due to the violence or vulgar language. This is a great post and I really enjoyed to read it.