With a bustling activity as a developer, when grinding projects feels like a morning jog, it is easy for something to go out of hand: dependencies.

What are dependencies?

When building python projects and with the rich ecosystem of modules and packages out there, you’ll want and use all that code. Dependencies are…

🔔 — Ebbinghaus wants to send you push notifications — 🔔

Everyone knows this existential angst when realizing that {xyz}, which we learned only {xyz} time units ago, is already blanked off our mind.

How do some people just remember everything?

Turns out that it’s just about consistent work (as…

I thought that would be easy, but they are difficult to spot

“Check out my new dictionary App!”

For the past days, I have been searching for Dictionary APIs that would provide definitions for a few different languages.

With this text, I hope to make the task easier for others out there in the wild.

Part 1: Where is Google Dictionary?

What two Cleverbots can tell us about human conversation

Someone hooked up two Google Homes powered by Cleverbot’s API and made them ceaselessly talk to each other. Where? On twitch:

The conversations that ensue are often entertaining, frequently somewhat absurd, veering into existential topics — and altogether surprisingly human!

Cleverbot’s database

Cleverbot’s database is constructed from humans conversing with humans…

I wrote a tiny search engine (it looks for search terms on pre-defined webpages), and a friend told me that

What is this? I can’t show this to anyone. No one who doesn’t program will know what to do with that. Can’t you write a GUI for python?

And he’s…

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