🌳📖💻#2:💥🌼🌸 — BlossomBuilder

The Grand Abstraction (originally pencil & paper)


^ That’s how it looks like. Yep, pretty flowers!!



Ambiguity based on words that can be both nouns and verbs

  • focusing on noun-verb ambiguity
  • additionally utilizing that both plural nouns and verbs in 3rd person singular end with an -s
  • putting two pairs of (potential) composite nouns next to each other
  • where the two middle ones should be noun-verb-ambiguous

Gator Attacks Puzzle Experts


  1. I checked out a few Crash Blossoms to look for some generalized pattern I’d be able to re-create.
  2. I read a bit and drew a bit.
  3. Then I distilled these half-actionable rules:
    * Capitalize words to increase possible ambiguity
    * Use nouns that pluralize with -s
    * The inner two need to be noun-verb ambiguous
    * The noun-verb part of the composite noun needs to end with -s
  4. I wrote some code that takes word input and sticks it onto the page
  5. Only when I saw that all this could work, I went to scrape for Noun-Verbs and used BeautifulSoup to get a list of Noun-Verbs from the net
  6. Then I puzzled it together
    (Constantly looking over my shoulder for that 🐊 !)
  7. And finally did some mini prettification and put it up on Github
  • I am aware that utilizing Collocation information could make it way more interesting, and maybe I come back to it once I know how to do that.
  • A friend also suggested to only use nice words, so maybe another revisit could come after learning more about Sentiment Analysis.




feedback, code, projects, life, and education

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Martin Breuss

Martin Breuss

feedback, code, projects, life, and education

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