Canon Printer Offline | How to bring it back the printer Online

You are in a hurry but the Canon printer doesn’t work. The “Printer offline” message is blinking on the displayed on the Canon Printer. What to do? The Canon printer has become so ingrained in the day-to-day operations of companies and homes that any malfunction appears to be a big setback for the entire work chain. Because it is so important, one might assume that it must be perfectly designed to function flawlessly. However, printers, like any other machine, have a variety of issues, one of which is going offline. That is what we will cover in this article, as well as how to fix the Canon Printer Offline problem.

Initial Checks to rule out possible cause for the Canon Printer Offline Issue

There are some simple Checks that you must perform if you are addressing the Canon Printer Offline problem. These Checks seem to be so trivial that they are often overlooked, but can cause a number of printer related problems including the problem at hand, that is the offline issue.

#1. Begin by connecting the printer to the computer and the power supply with all of the wires. Unplug the power cord from the rear of the printer and the cord from the electrical outlet while the printer is powered on.

#2. If you’re using a USB or network cable, double-check that it’s not broken or disconnected. Examine the entire cable for any signs of damage.

#3. Give it a minute or so. Check the connection by plugging in all of the cables. Reconnect the power cord to the wall outlet and to the computer’s back. After that, turn on the printer and restart the computer.

#4. Try printing something now to test if the printer is working. If it does, the issue has been resolved and no more action is required; however, if it does not, proceed to the next troubleshooting steps.

Check Network Connections for wireless printer

● if you used a wireless connection before anything check to determine if your printer is still linked to the network or not.

● Turn off your network and printer’s wifi, then wait a few minutes before reactivating it. Check to determine if the printer’s and computer’s connections have been re-established.

● Check to see if the printer and router are on the same network. Check that your router’s WPS connection technique is activated and working properly. Push and hold the physical WPS button on both the router and the printer for a few seconds to enable it.

To determine and eliminate the cause of the Canon Printer Offline problem, utilise the Window Troubleshooting tool

● Windows comes with a collection of troubleshooting tools aimed at detecting and resolving issues automatically. The goal is to enlist the assistance of the operating system in locating and resolving any issues. You can run a printer troubleshooting tool, and it’s possible that it will detect and fix the reason of the Canon Printer Offline problem.

● To access Settings, press Windows key + I, then select Devices, then Printers & Scanners. The troubleshooter option can be found in the right-hand menu under Related Settings; click it to open it.

● Now you are totally free to do whatever you choose. A series of inspections will be performed by the troubleshooter. If it encounters any issues, it will inform you of what they are and how they were resolved. Even if it is unable to locate the issue, you can select View full information to obtain an analysis and possibly determine the root cause.

Check for port connection for Canon Printer Offline

If none of the preceding alternatives worked and the printer is still down, the issue could be with the connecting port. If the controller is connected to the printer via the wrong communication port, the printer will stay disconnected until the connection is restored. In layman’s terms, this means that your printer and computer are unable to communicate with one another. Your computer may believe the printer is offline and display the Canon Printer Offline error message if this occurs.

● The simplest way to open the control panel window is to use the start menu.

● Double-click the Printers and Faxes or Printers and Devices icon, depending on your Windows version.

● Select Properties from the context menu that comes when you right-click on the printer icon that may be suggesting the printer connection is in offline mode.

● Then, at the top of the pop-up window, go to the Ports tab and click the “Add Port” button.

● Click “New Port” after selecting a regular TCP / IP port from the drop-down list.

● Click “Next” and then “Finish.” after entering the printer’s IP address. If the printer was connected to the wrong port, it will immediately reconnect..

Firewall check for Canon Printer Offline

The firewall may be causing the problem for functioning of the Canon printer

It’s possible that your antivirus, or security software, is the source of the issue. It’s possible that the firewall will label the printer as “harmful” and prevent you from using it. In this instance, your device is blocked by the firewall. It is recommended that you either uninstall the firewall or make changes to it.

Each security software package includes the ability to make exceptions for specific programmes and software that have been designated as safe. Check your antivirus settings to see if it’s blocking the printer; if it is, add it as an exception in the settings so the security software doesn’t consider it as a threat.



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