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Let’s talk about life mistakes. More specifically, let’s talk about fateful life mistakes. And even more specifically, let’s talk about the mistake of underestimating the role of debugging and profiling in software engineering. There was this little story-joke, telling about a mom coming home from hard work and asking her three daughters whether they had done any housework to ease her evening load:

[Eldest daughter] Yes mom, you won’t believe, but I’ve done all the cooking!
[Middle daughter] You won’t believe, but I’ve washed all the dishes, mom!


In fall 2017 I started working on a few small SaaS projects. The plan was to utilize this relatively new architectural style called microservices. Unfortunately the means for asynchrony in C++ (my mother tongue, so to speak) happened to be somewhat inferior to those found in other modern technology stacks, particularly JVM-based languages. A decision was made to go with Scala, which helped me quickly sketch the key parts of the project at hand. After some while a need for a more economical (in terms of resource usage) technology raised, to mainly shave some cloud expenses on compute-intensive services with…

Martin Ghazaryan

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