The Tools Every Bot Creator Must Know
Ron Levinson


I am doing research on bots and saw that you guys have a lot of knowledge on this topic.

I need a chatbot/AI for the agency that I am working for but the bot needs to meet a few criterea points. I need your expertise on making a decision on which chatbot would fit our need. The main idea is to create different bots on different service levels and when this is finished we need to create one large bot containing all the other bots.

The bot needs to include the following:

It needs to make correlations between topics e.g.( when a companies target group is 15–20 year old and male it should recognize that snapchat is the best platform to promote to) MOST IMPORTANT!

It should have a free trial and not be too expensive. ( preferably 30–50$ a month)

The bot should be able to be integrated onto various platforms.

And be able to integrate data sources, as well as not using any difficult scripting.

I hope I explained this enough for your understanding.

Please let me know your thoughts and which bot you think would be the best fit.

Kind regards,

Martin Hammerseth

Keplar Amsterdam marketing intern

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