Docker is not the only containerization tool out there and there might just be better alternatives…

In the ancient times of containers (really more like 4 years ago) Docker was the only player in the container game. That’s not the case anymore though and Docker is not the only, but rather just another container engine on the landscape. Docker allows us to build, run, pull, push or inspect container images, but for each of these tasks there are other alternative tools, which might just do better job at it than Docker. So, let’s explore the landscape and (just maybe) uninstall and forget about Docker altogether…

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Why Not Use Docker, Though?

If you’ve been a docker user for long time, I think it will take some persuading for you to even consider to switch to different tooling. …

Getting Started

Recipes for using and creating awesome Python context managers, that will make your code more readable, reliable and less error prone…

Resource management is one of those things you need to do in any programming language. Whether you are dealing with locks, files, sessions or database connections — you always have to make sure you close and free up these resources for them operate correctly. Usually, one would do that using try/finally - using the resource in try block and disposing of it in finally block. In Python however, there is a better way - the context management protocol implemented using with statement.

So, in this article we will explore what it is, how it works and most importantly where you can find and how you can implement your own awesome context managers! …

Be a more productive web developer with these few Chrome DevTools tips and tricks.

If you’re a web developer, then you surely spend quite some time poking around in browsers dev tools or web console. Inspecting elements, modifying CSS or running commands in console — these are some basic things that every web developer knows how to do using browsers developer tools. There are however, quite a few more things you can do inside your browser to make your debugging, development and web design so much more efficient. Here are a few hidden or lesser known features of Chrome DevTools which you should know about and which you will be using every day…

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Pretty-Print Array as Table

When working with lots of data in JavaScript (e.g. creating data visualizations), things never work on first try and you will inevitably have to go to web console and view the data — probably with console.log. That will yield JavaScript Object (JSON), which in case of 2D arrays is going to be hard read and hard to find useful information in. But there's simple fix for…


Martin Heinz

Certified Red Hat Professional | DevOps Engineer at IBM | Working with Python, JavaScript, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker and more | https://martinheinz.dev/

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