Why Do We Care So Much?

Happier times

I just got a notification that last week I averaged 6 hours and 47 minutes of screen time on my phone per day last week. That means a little over a quarter of every day, I spent on my phone. There’s nothing remarkable special about my phone. I know how to get to essential places for my week; my apartment, the grocery store, my therapist’s office. I know my work schedule. But the one thing I don’t know that I feel this constant need to be a part of is what is in the news, what everyone is saying, what everyone is doing. There’s something fascinating about our need to devour issues. We don’t look for facts, we aim for controversy. The cycle is the same- Trump does something, celebrity gossip, Trump says something, world disaster, someone quits Trump administration, celebrity says something that makes people mad- rinse and repeat. But why? What is going on in our own lives where we HAVE to see this all the time. When I was younger the only time I would know of news is watching it a 5 PM or 9 PM on the television or when I heard about something. But I didn’t constantly obsess over it. I didn’t flood my brain with the immorality of someone else. And it feels like we’ve become poisoned to the unnecessary to the point where we create the havoc we need to see.

Sometimes I don’t feel like being mad or upset about what someone did 5–10 years ago. Or even what they did 6 months ago. It does nothing for me. Why can’t some people be wrong sometimes? Why can’t some people fuck up sometimes? When did we saddle ourselves with morality while also saying, “but don’t shame anyone.” We tell people not to victimize themselves while also saying don’t victim blame and then pride ourselves on siding with victimhood. We strongly tell people not to force their religion on us while also telling them how wrong they are. The music we listen to, the books we read, the things we wear are constantly being judged and not in a way that is constructive but just to tear each other down. Is this what social media is about? Is this what the news is about? Is this what politics have become? Why should any of us care about the expenses of a politician’s clothes? What is that going to do to any of us?

My message to everyone is, someone’s divorce, someone’s past, someone’s clothes, someone’s jokes, someone’s tweets, someone’s misunderstandings, someone’s money shouldn’t bother your way of life. Live and let live. Love and let love. Shut the fuck up and let everyone shut the fuck up.