The Most Important Skill For Interacting With People
Benjamin P. Hardy

Benjamin,well said.May THE GREAT GOD(Titus 2:13;Revelation 19:17)bless thee(Deuteronomy 28:1–14) and family in THE SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST’S name(Titus 2:13).

Personally in my free time I love doing street evangelism and I love meeting crowds of people but occasionally I interact with just one person over some bit of time.What I have learnt is that the more I appreciate those whom I meet taking quality time with them the better our interactions become.Every human being loves appreciation.Once I greet a neighbor and he/she responds back I immediately take advantage of his greetings and start a conversation.I am amazed what THE HOLY FATHER(John 17:11)has enabled me to achieve while interacting especially with the young people in THE LORD OF THE SABBATH,JESUS CHRIST’S name(Mark 2:27–28;Matthew 12:8;Luke 6:5).