Colorado Springs Sprinkler Repair Experts, Peloquin Sprinklers and Landscaping, Share the Top Signs Your Irrigation System is Leaking

Martin Orth
May 9 · 3 min read

Peloquin Sprinklers & Landscaping has been servicing sprinkler repair in Colorado Springs since 1985. With over three generations of experience in the sprinkler industry, the certified irrigation professionals at the company are eager to keep homeowners well informed and educated regarding their sprinkler system.

Your home’s irrigation system is designed to be a real convenience for you, providing you with a simple and easy way to keep the yard watered with minimal time and effort required. It is comprised of a series of narrow pipes that run through the ground connecting the sprinkler heads, and these pipes can develop leaks just like any other pipes can. Because they are buried underground, determining if your irrigation system has a leak requires careful observation on your part.

Below, Peloquin Sprinklers & Landscaping highlight some of the initial signs that you may notice if you have a leak in your sprinkler system.

You Notice a Wet Spot in the Yard

When you have a leak in your irrigation system, one area of the yard will be receiving a steady stream of water regardless of how frequently you water the space. This means that the rest of the ground may dry out, but one area will remain wet. Keep in mind that some areas of your yard may dry out more quickly than others, such as those that do not receive shade or that have a higher elevation than others. However, when you have a wet spot from a leak in your irrigation system, even the shaded or lower elevation areas will dry out, and the damp spot will remain.

One Area is Lusher Than Others

Because one area will receive more water than others, you may find that it is more lush and green in an area around a water leak. However, in some cases, this area may receive too much water, and this can be detrimental to some of the vegetation nearby. Therefore, while some areas may be lush and thriving, others may be decaying because of the excess water. Look for signs of vegetation that are exceptionally thriving or deteriorating for no explained reason.

Your Water Bill Is Higher Than Normal

A final point to consider is when the water bill is higher than usual. Water bills fluctuate with usage so that you may have a higher or lower water bill than last month based on usage. However, when the water bill is considerably higher than normal, and you cannot explain it away with usage, you may have a water leak. The leak could be anywhere on your property, but you may take a closer look at the irrigation system to determine if the leak is in your yard.

If you believe that you may have a leak in your irrigation system, you can contact your plumber or your landscaping contractor for assistance with the leak diagnostic and repair process.

About: Peloquin Sprinklers & Landscaping provides high-quality lawn sprinkler services as well as landscape design and installation to the Colorado Springs metro area with pride, honor, and integrity. Peloquin Landscaping is family owned with over three generations of experience and has a portfolio of awarding winning landscapes featured in the Parade of Homes. Our certified irrigation professionals and landscape contractors are trained and experienced to meet all your needs.

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