She’s Someone To Win With

He truly has found a one of a kind woman in her…

There is something special about having someone who is down for you; someone who wants to go on life’s journey with you no matter how the path looks. There is something special about having a woman who truly cares for you and brings you feelings of strength and acceptance after years of feelings of weakness and rejection.

He knows what she has been through and only wants to help lift the burdens and help heal hear emotional scars with love. When she is afraid or uncertain, he just wants to hold her and remind her he will be by her side and protect her through it all. He knows she needs a reason to smile daily and he wants to be that reason each and every time.

It is so amazing when God places someone in your life after going through what you had to go through all your life just to finally reach them. Those times do not seem so bad knowing it was part of His plan and that you have been blessed with someone so remarkably beautiful. Once we trust God and trust love, we are healed and free from everything in our pasts and are able to grow in every other situation that occurs.

Love — life’s most unique gift — is something we should always give away. It is something that is so vital to protecting, supporting, and nurturing our heart and the heart of another. Through love, we are able to commit to protecting their heart with the same passion that we guard our own. We cannot allow room for fear to creep in. There is no fear in love. When there is fear, love ceases to exist. So we must learn to love without fearing and trust that love will carry us through. We just have to remember the Lord believes in us, promises to provide for us, wants to bless us, will not fail us, and love us — there’s nothing better than that!

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never gives up and never loses faith. Love is always hopeful and endures all things. Most importantly, love never fails.

May we love unconditionally and allow it — in its purest form — to always live in our hearts.

Dedicated to my dear, Nailah J. 💖😚