Configure Amazon SES on Laravel 5.8 in 5 minutes

1 — Create an AWS Account (if you do not have one yet)

2 — Add a new domain

Add a new domain
  • 1 TXT field
  • 3 CNAME fields
  • 1 MX field

3 — Add an email address

4 — Create an IAM user and API keys

Add IAM user
Search the AmazonSESFullAccess policy

5 — Configure the Laravel

'ses' => [
'key' => env('SES_KEY'),
'secret' => env('SES_KEY_SECRET'),
'region' => env('SES_REGION'),

6 — Test of an email sending

php artisan make:mail TestAmazonSes
Route::get('test', function () {
Mail::to('>send(new TestAmazonSes('It works!'));



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