This post will attempt to explain why and how I created the design system for Qurate products.

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Sample of components working together

Working at a startup can be a frantic experience. Everything moves at break neck pace and everything needs to be done yesterday. This can lead to a mishmash of work flows and processes. Before you know it your work is spread over several artwork files and text styles, colours and spacing are inconsistent, which has huge knock on effects in development (lot’s of tidying up to be done!).

As the sole designer working on Qurate’s software I had to quickly develop a way of working at speed and with efficiency. As result our design system was conceived out of a genuine necessity, we could no longer continue working the manner at which we had been up to that point. …

When to conform and when to innovate

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What Is a Design Convention?

Imagine a world where every bicycle worked differently, every door handle, every car. Imagine every time you needed to open a door you had to relearn how to do it. How much time would this waste? How inconvenient would it be?

It doesn’t matter what kind of design discipline, whether it be product design or interface design, conventions are rooted in human behavior. They are best practices and human expectations of how things should work. …

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‘Choose less and feel better.’

- Barry Schwartz

It’s natural to assume that the more freedom someone has the happier they will be. Freedom and choice go hand in hand, the more freedom you have the more choices you get. Giving people the option to choose for themselves maximizes their freedom and allows us to be in control.

However, within user interface design the more choices a product offers, the harder it is to make sense of what’s going on. Giving people too many options can lead to Decision Paralysis. …


Martin Whittaker

I’m Martin Whittaker — a Product Designer currently working at About You in Hamburg, Germany.

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