Demystifying Sexual Attraction To Children
Ender Wiggin

Could a certain amount of pedophilic interest simply be normal for men?

I tried to demonstrate to James Cantor that it would make evolutionary sense for men to have a certain degree of pedophilic interest since it would motivate them to acquire child brides but he was resistant and I don’t think he understood the logic properly.

The basic principle is that girls before puberty have more fertile years ahead of them and will be capable of giving a man more offspring over the long term than older women. In prehistoric times a female’s reproductive years were approximately from the mid-teens to the mid-forties. A 30yo women would only have about 15 fertile years left while a 9yo would have all 30 ahead of her. Even though a man would have to wait several years for his 9yo child bride to reach reproductive age he could still expect to get more offspring from her overall than he would from a 30yo. This is why the practice of taking child brides exists and is part of the natural human mating system.

Here’s the post:

And here’s some comments he didn’t let through, maybe because they made him realise I’m right.

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