Flaming Chest Hair

One crowded hour of glory is worth an age without a name.

I will always remember the words of Bridget Dobbs upon the death of her husband Paul Dobbs at the 2010 Isle of Man TT races

“Dobsy died doing what he most loved, in a place he loved and felt at home and surrounded by people he loved and admired. He died instantly and felt no pain. He had no knowledge of his end but was fully focussed on the bike and the race.”

“After making a hard decision and missing the TT last year, I am thankful that I was here at this tragic time. We have been wholeheartedly supported by the whole racing community in both a professional and personal way. We held nothing back in pursuing Dobsy’s racing and so I need regret nothing. Our lives have been immeasurably enriched by the TT and the Isle of Man.”


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