What’s your story?

Every day, you write a page. What will you write?

I’ve had some of the craziest past few weeks of my life.

I’ve been absolutely high on creativity and passion, fostered by a new-found connection with coffee (❤) and interrupted by episodes of heart stopping screw-ups, serious anxiety and days of unhealthy sleep deprivation. I’ve relapsed heavily on my all-nighters, despite promising to myself that I’d sleep well. (Sigh)

But I have never felt so alive.

I’m working on some incredible projects with my software agency. It has become extremely demanding, but extremely exciting. We are optimising a lot of our processes and are aiming to quarter our development time. At the same time, we are facing many new and interesting problems as our stuff gets in front of more and more users.

I launched an email series, and the reception has been nothing short of amazing. This is the first season of the series, and as I write this, the pioneer cohort of 100+ people is just past halfway through. In the middle of all the crazy work, continuous learning and insightful feedback, I wanted to take a step back from all the speed to breathe a little.

The past few weeks have been so exciting, difficult, and far from perfect. I have messed up and patched up so many things. I have been moving fast and breaking everything as I go. I have so many stories to share. I wish I could write it all out. I’d really enjoy sitting back and reading through it later.

It’s interesting to think of birth and death like the hard covers of a book. In between is the story of the intoxicating highs and heart-breaking lows of this thing we call life.

There’s this poem by Linda Ellis. It’s called “The Dash”.

When your life is over, everything you did will be represented by a single dash between two dates―what will that dash mean?

You should really read it someday.

But it’s crazy. Everyday we wake up, we open a fresh page. And then we live; we write.

Everything we do, experience, think, endure or celebrate goes in the book.

Those moments when you, the protagonist, wish you could just curl up tight enough to disappear? They are in every good book. Those moments when the world is dark and you feel so alone? They are necessary to heighten the reader’s tension.

Those larger-than-life moments that you could put on replay? They take the reader on an emotional journey. Those intense, tear-invoking joys? They majestically resolve the built up tension.

Your life is a story. You are the sole creative director. You are completely free to write whatever you want, with only one interesting caveat: you can’t edit it later.

What you decide, goes in the book. You can’t undo it, once it’s in, it’s in. Every day that goes by, is a page that you can never re-open.

You only have one shot at this.

It’s interesting, because you have to value each page in its own right. You have to bring your best pencil to each morning. You have to wake up everyday to write a better page than you did yesterday.

At the same time, you will have bad pages. There will be bad days, weeks and months. But you just can’t afford to screw up page 8321 because of a typo on page 8320. Because now you’ll have two typos.

I know how I want my story to play out. I can already see it:

Dream and chase. Explore and discover. Build and break. Start and fail. Attempt and blunder. Compete and lose. Get up and recover. Work and improve. Read and learn. Retry and win. Dance and celebrate.

A story not of an existence passed through, but of a life lived.

But that’s my story. That’s the story I want to write. That’s the story that will bear my name on its cover.

You have yours to write. You have the pen, and you have the power. What will yours be like?

It’s really interesting to read other people’s stories. Like the KFC guy whose story had a major plot twist in the last chapter? That was mind blowing!

I hope people can read and learn from my story when I go to the other side. I’ll do my best to write a really good book.

No one likes a boring book!

Until next time!

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