You define yourself

Don’t let the internet tell you what you’re supposed to be

No one really knows what they’re doing here.

The internet loves listicles.

6 signs you’re a creative.

8 reasons you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur.

5 signs that you’ll be successful.

20 things you need to …

I’m not a big fan. I read them with pinch of salt.

It’s easy for the writer to sound like they know what they’re saying, even when they really don’t.

I get the craze, though. They are easy to write, people love to read them; they’re like the pre-packaged microwave meal of blog-posts.

Just take a skill or idea, reduce it to a set of generalized, mostly made up points, ramble a little about each, slap on a shiny title, publish on medium and you’re set. It really doesn’t matter what you write, as long as the sentences in large font are grammatically correct.

I ask people for advice a lot. Many times, I don’t do what they tell me. Sometimes it’s useful to remember that no one on this planet really knows what they’re doing here.

Life has no manual. We’re all guessing. Some people have really good guesses. Others just talk really loudly.

I’ve written a few listicles myself. Cue cognitive dissonance.

I guess sometimes a list is the clearest way to express your ideas. I guess it’s up to the internet to filter the signal from the noise.

But here’s why I really don’t like them.

It’s too easy to reduce yourself to a checklist of signs. It’s too easy to grade your self-worth using an arbitrary list by a miscellaneous writer who just wrote it for the view count.

Tick! Tick! I’ve got that too! This is great! Oh wait, I don’t have that… Maybe I’m not creative after all. Maybe I’ll never be. Oh well…

Human beings are the most unpredictable thing on earth, after British weather (seriously, it was sunny when I started writing this, now it’s pouring).

Our lives are not as simple as if-this-then-that. We sure as hell are not failures because an article on Forbes told us we don’t have “successful traits”.

If I looked hard enough, I could probably find a listicle that would paint me as a dancer. I can’t dance to save my life.

There’s only one thing that defines you. Of all the things it could be, it’s definitely not a half baked listicle from the trashcan that is the internet.

You are who you believe you are. You define yourself.

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