10 reasons why Singapore is the next big city for fintech?
Slava Solodkiy

Unlike You I am really shoddy at business, but I’m very convinsed that the Great Censorship Wall of China will make great efforts at blocking transfers of cybercurrencies. The Great Wall of China will mostly fail, as long as the british David Cameron and alike


will not get their way and projects like Tor and GNUnet can work, but in the future world of 3D-printing, robotic custom production, etc. the internet censorship is equivalent to restrictions on the logistics of physical goods.

What regards to Your other article titled “ZATO vs NATO”, then as a native Estonian living in Tallinn I say that I do not believe that the Kremlin has such great power to ruin it all to that extent, because history has shown that if the general public does not support some regime, if the elite of business-people does not support the top politicians, then the top politicians are not able to stay in power even by shooting their opposition. The problem starts from the fact that the business and intellectual elite, by definition a minority, does not stand their ground. The reason, why different kind of people, someone, who would take their money and stand up to the oppressing Kremlin, do not emerge as financially sucessful, has more to do with the general culture than anyone controlling some KGB/FSB/Kremlin-whatever-department. One of the fundamental problems of the Russian culture is the top-down approach, the hierarchy. Corruption is just a necessity for surviving such tough hierarcy and will to control others. In an un-hierarchical arrangement there is nothing to be corrupt about. An example of that is the Finnish culture, where people are treated equally, with respect, and that eliminates the necessity to be corrupt, to dis-obey.

If the corruption is out of the way and there exists also freedom of speech that is a necessity for product development and cooperation, then there is MOTIVE for smart, intellectual, people, who would stand their political ground, to start working on businesses, which in turn will get rid of any “Kremlin”, because if any of the business leaders start showing up dead or “dissaparing”, the “Kremlin” leaders will also start showing up dead or “dissaparing”, unlike now, when only the journalists die.

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